Software Testing

Fuzzing highly-configurable Web user interface: a Odoo case study

Since many years, Odoo, a company providing business management services, is constantly expanding its scope and developing the complexity of its software, a web application. In response to that complexity, the introduction of automated testing techniques seems to be the next evolution of the testing tools already available to them.

Improving automated unit test generation for machine learning libraries using structured input data

The field of automated test case generation has grown considerably in recent years to reduce software testing costs and find bugs. However, the techniques for automatically generating test cases for machine learning libraries still produce low-quality tests and papers on the subject tend to work in Java, whereas the machine learning community tends to work in Python.

An Empirical Evaluation of Regular and Extreme Mutation Testing for Teaching Software Testing

Teaching software testing can be challenging due to low student interest, high cognitive load, and lack of alignment with industry needs. Previous research has attempted to address these challenges by using mutation testing, which involves …

Raising developers' awareness of source code energy consumption

In recent years, sustainability concerns have emerged in the software engineering community. However, little research focuses on the link between the evolution of a source code and energy consumption. Consequently, most developers don’t know the energy consumption of their software during its development.

JUGE: An infrastructure for benchmarking Java unit test generators

Researchers and practitioners have designed and implemented various automated test case generators to support effective software testing. Such generators exist for various languages (e.g., Java, C#, or Python) and various platforms (e.g., desktop, …

Towards Automated Testing for Simple Programming Exercises

Automated feedback and grading platforms can require substantial effort when encoding new programming exercises for first-year students. Such exercises are usually simple but require defining several test cases to ensure their functional correctness. …

Software Testing

Study of the impacts of Code Smells on code Testability

Code Smells have been studied for more than 20 years now. They are used to describe a design 􏰊aw in a program intuitively. In this study, we wish to identify the impact of some of these Code Smells.


The CyberExcellence project started in January 2022 under the umbrella of the CyberWal initiative and is funded by the Walloon region. It aims to position Wallonia as a major player in cybersecurity on the national and international map by developing a core framework allowing the implementation of solutions based on practical and thoughtful cybersecurity with a competitive advantage.