Gender Equals Future: 011 for IT

The Gender Equals Future project, led by the University of Namur and conducted in collaboration with Interface3.Namur and Form@Nam, is part of the Woman In Digital plan of the SPF Economie.

Towards Automated Testing for Simple Programming Exercises

Automated feedback and grading platforms can require substantial effort when encoding new programming exercises for first-year students. Such exercises are usually simple but require defining several test cases to ensure their functional correctness. …

Génération de tests unitaires pour programmes Python

L’application de tests automatiques au code soumis par les étudiants sur une plateforme de correction automatique est un outil utile pour le corps enseignant. Il permet de fournir de meilleurs retours, sur plus d’exercices, créés plus rapidement.

Learning to assert in software testing using mutants

Learning software testing is a neglected subject in computer science courses. Over the years, methods and tools have appeared to provide educational support for this learning. Mutation testing is a technique used to evaluate the effectiveness of test suites.

MuTEd: A Comparative Study of Classic and Extreme Mutation Testing for Teaching Software Testing

Although software testing is critical in software engineering, studies have shown a significant gap between students’ knowledge of software testing and the industry’s needs, hinting at the need to explore novel approaches to teach software testing.

Experience Report on Soft and Project Skills Building through Repetition

Acquiring soft and project skills during their studies is of paramount importance for computer science students to integrate large development teams after graduating. Project-oriented learning offers interesting opportunities for teachers to tutor …