Study of the impacts of Code Smells on code Testability

Bruntink and van Deursen’s adaptation of Binder’s fish-bone model

Code Smells have been studied for more than 20 years now. They are used to describe a design 􏰊aw in a program intuitively. In this study, we wish to identify the impact of some of these Code Smells. And, more specifically, their potential impact on Testability. To do this, we will study the state of the research on both Code Smells and Testability. Using those studies, we will define a scope of parameters to de􏰉ne the two concepts. With that information, we will analyse the statistical distribution of our samples and try to understand the relationship between Code Smells and Testability in a corpus of Java projects.

Olivier Hensmans
Olivier Hensmans
Msc Student