Software Product Lines

VaryMinions: Leveraging RNNs to Identify Variants in Variability-intensive Systems' Logs

From business processes to course management, variability-intensive software systems (VIS) are now ubiquitous. One can configure these systems' behaviour by activating options, e.g., to derive variants handling building permits across municipalities …

Presentation abstract: VaryMinions , Identifying Variants in Event Logs with RNNs

Business processes capture the activities of every profit or non-profit, public or private organisation, coordinating humans and software to collectively deliver value. As organisations evolve, new needs appear: e.g., handling a change in the law …

Reverse Engineering Variability for Configurable Systems using Formal Concept Analysis: The Odoo case study

Reverse Engineering a Feature Model (FM) of an existing system allows its migration to a software product line approach to simplify the management of this system by applying a Software Product Line Engineering methodology that focuses mainly on the FM to determine the reusable artefacts and the variation points of the system.