Software Engineering

Dev! The game that lets you experience the thrill of software development before you even know how to program!

How do you get 4th graders (16yo.) to understand software engineering in 1h30? That’s the challenge we (Jérôme Maquoi, Benoît Vanderose and Xavier Devroey) set ourselves on Thursday April 25, 2024.

SNAIL at the 46th Int'l Conference on Software Engineering

The week of April 15, we were in Lisbon for the 46th edition of the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2024 🇵🇹). Since 1975, ICSE has provided a forum where researchers, developers and educators come together to present and discuss the latest innovations, trends, experiences and problems in the field of software engineering.

Debt Stories: Capturing Social and Technical Debt in the Industry

In today's organizations, software is mission-critical. However, the legacy of past decisions can make tasks related to artifacts increasingly inefficient or risky, creating debt. While most researchers and practitioners mainly focus on technical …

Experience Report on Soft and Project Skills Building through Repetition

Acquiring soft and project skills during their studies is of paramount importance for computer science students to integrate large development teams after graduating. Project-oriented learning offers interesting opportunities for teachers to tutor …


ARIAC by is a research project funded by the Wallonia region bringing together the five French-speaking universities and four Walloon research centres with the primary objective to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence technologies in Wallonia.