Defining software debt, an expanded and multidimensional view of socio-technical debt in industry

This project aims at developing a holistic approach to socio-technical debt by designing a framework for helping developers and managers to address software debt and prioritize mitigating actions in an industrial context.

MetaTReq: A meta-modelisation approach of test requirements

The goals of this master thesis is to define an extendable meta-model and associated DSL to describe high-level test requirements and their (optionally) associated assertions for Java programs.


ARIAC by is a research project funded by the Wallonia region bringing together the five French-speaking universities and four Walloon research centres with the primary objective to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence technologies in Wallonia.

Cognitive biases, minorities, and influence on sotware development methods

The project's general purpose is to be able to highlight certain cognitive biases in our self-perception, our performance and our decision-making. The project initially aims to identify the different cognitive biases that may exist in different contexts, depending on group membership, etc. These cognitive biases identified, an attempt to measure them will be carried out to then highlight them in the eyes of those who experience them. Finally, the creation of tools and techniques to limit the impact of cognitive biases could be evaluated.