Raising developers' awareness of source code energy consumption

In recent years, sustainability concerns have emerged in the software engineering community. However, little research focuses on the link between the evolution of a source code and energy consumption. Consequently, most developers don’t know the energy consumption of their software during its development.

Gender Equals Future: 011 for IT

The Gender Equals Future project, led by the University of Namur and conducted in collaboration with Interface3.Namur and Form@Nam, is part of the Woman In Digital plan of the SPF Economie.

Automated Synthesis of Vulnerabilities for Security Tools Assessment

Software Testing

Code smells and code quality

Continuous Integration

Cybersecurity Test Objectives

Genetic Programming for Security Tools Assessment

Socio-technical Debt


The CyberExcellence project started in January 2022 under the umbrella of the CyberWal initiative and is funded by the Walloon region. It aims to position Wallonia as a major player in cybersecurity on the national and international map by developing a core framework allowing the implementation of solutions based on practical and thoughtful cybersecurity with a competitive advantage.