Mutation Testing

An Empirical Evaluation of Regular and Extreme Mutation Testing for Teaching Software Testing

Teaching software testing can be challenging due to low student interest, high cognitive load, and lack of alignment with industry needs. Previous research has attempted to address these challenges by using mutation testing, which involves …

Learning to assert in software testing using mutants

Learning software testing is a neglected subject in computer science courses. Over the years, methods and tools have appeared to provide educational support for this learning. Mutation testing is a technique used to evaluate the effectiveness of test suites.

MuTEd: A Comparative Study of Classic and Extreme Mutation Testing for Teaching Software Testing

Although software testing is critical in software engineering, studies have shown a significant gap between students’ knowledge of software testing and the industry’s needs, hinting at the need to explore novel approaches to teach software testing.

Towards crash reproduction benchmark augmentation using mutation testing

Many applications are developed with a lot of different purposes and can provide quality output. Nevertheless, crashes still happen. Many techniques such as unit testing, peer-reviewing, or crash reproduction are being researched to improve quality by reducing crashes.