Crash Reproduction

Basic block coverage for search-based unit testing and crash reproduction

Search-based techniques have been widely used for white-box test generation. Many of these approaches rely on the approach level and branch distance heuristics to guide the search process and generate test cases with high line and branch coverage. …

Basic Block Coverage for Unit Test Generation at the SBST 2022 Tool Competition

Basic Block Coverage (BBC) is a secondary objective for search- based unit test generation techniques relying on the approach level and branch distance to drive the search process. Unlike the approach level and branch distance, which considers only …

JCrashPack2.0: Search-based crash reproduction hardness analysis

This master thesis project, revisits the links between search-based crash reproduction and software quality metrics to assess the hardness of search-based crash reproducing test case generation.

Towards crash reproduction benchmark augmentation using mutation testing

Many applications are developed with a lot of different purposes and can provide quality output. Nevertheless, crashes still happen. Many techniques such as unit testing, peer-reviewing, or crash reproduction are being researched to improve quality by reducing crashes.

Crash reproduction difficulty, an initial assessment

This study presents the initial step towards a thorough analysis of the difficulty to reproduce a crash using search-based crash reproduction. Traditionally, code size and complexity are considered representative indicators of the difficulty for …